Place a donation box

Cancer Support Yorkshire Donation Boxes

We currently have lots of empty donation boxes in our store cupboard patiently waiting for new homes. Our donation boxes do a fantastic job of raising awareness for the organisation but also importantly they bring in vital funds – approximately £100 a year. £100 will go towards providing a course of complementary therapy for someone emotionally & physically struggling with a cancer diagnosis, alternatively it will help provide vital transport services to patients who have no other means of getting to important hospital appointments.

There are two ways that you can help us place a donation box:

  1. If you have a connection with a local business, community group or school you could approach them about placing a donation box for us.
  2. You could place a donation box in your own home and use it to donate any loose change.

If you know of a donation box opportunity please contact the Fundraising team to have a chat.
Tel: 01274 202226