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By coming to the course I have learnt how to be mindful and how to try to relax and find ways of coping with my illness. I feel very positive now.

I really needed someone to talk to and they gave me help.


Thank you for everything that you helped my husband and I with and since his passing – thank you for your professional help and kind manner. I will always remember your assistance.

I'm proud to be a small cog in the mechanics of this great team.

James – Volunteer Meet & Greeter

After my cancer diagnosis I was anxious and confused. Although I had great support at home I felt I needed more help without burdening my nearest and dearest. I called in at CSY where I was made to feel very welcome and put at ease by the friendly staff.


I have been a driver for 11 years and enjoy every minute of the job.

Philip – Volunteer Driver

By coming to the mindfulness class, I met women with the same problem and we got support from each other. I could relate to what was happening to me and see this was not unusual. I could talk about my feelings.

I have really enjoyed my massages that one hour a week helped me empty my mind of horrible thoughts.

Thank you for your support over the last few months regarding my disability benefit claim. Thanks for all your hard work and persistence – I would have given up long ago but your belief in my rights was so refreshing.

I am a cancer survivor and owe a lot to Cancer Support Yorkshire for helping me out of that very deep, dark hole. I now fundraise to give a bit back and to help others because I know what they're going through.


The Watercolours course has been a great help. Before, although I wanted to do watercolours, I never had the confidence to have a go. This course has helped a great deal and Steve is a good instructor.

I cannot thank you enough for the service provided, I was falling apart when I walked through your doors and now I am ready to fight another day! Thank you for your kind welcoming and sensitive approach. Thank you for everything.

I never thought counselling would do anything for me, how wrong. I cant even explain how it works but the sessions I had at Cancer Support gave me total control of my issues.

It made me feel more at ease in myself and helped settle me as I was very unhappy with my hair loss. I came out of the session with a bit of hope that I wouldn’t look odd.

I have gained more knowledge on how to care for my scalp during chemo. I have been given tips and advice on skin care.

Our Welfare Rights team raised £5.6 million on behalf of clients from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018.

My work is so rewarding and I learn so much from the people I support.

Jan – Volunteer Therapist

I really enjoyed all the lessons and meeting with nice, friendly people and giving support to one another which is the main part of my recovery.

I have received the most amazing support help and support from the therapy sessions. The therapist was so kind and knowledgeable. I truly could not have got through the last year without this support.

You were there when Kevin and I needed your help with benefit advice and filling in the forms. You also gave me information on funeral directors and bereavement counselling. There is always a friendly person when you go into the centre.

Because of the help we received from you we now receive Attendance Allowance and Carer's Allowance – without help we would have struggled with the bureaucracy and forms.

Thank you for all your help, we couldn't have done it without you.

I love volunteering, it gives me a reason to get up on a morning - it's a powerful crutch.


Thank you so much for your kind help and support. It has been a great help to both my family and myself.

Just to let you know that your help with my application for a Disabled Badge has been accepted!! Many, many thanks. I am so pleased as it will certainly make things so much easier and more convenient for me. Now I can really appreciate still being able to drive.