Philip – Volunteer Driver

I have been a driver for 11 years and enjoy every minute of the job.
A photo of Philip

I retired when I was 60, due to my contract finishing and I had 3 months off. Thinking this is the life, my wife Janet had other ideas, and she said you have been home long enough it’s time to look for a part time job!!!

I applied for 58 jobs and only got 2 replies, in between applying for jobs I thought I would apply to be a Volunteer Driver for Cancer Support Yorkshire, I was taken on, and I have been a driver for almost 11 years.

I enjoy every minute of the job. I meet new people, who are not always in a good place, they are often going for treatments or maybe a family member is going through a course of treatment, also I take them to the centre for various classes.

The staff and other volunteers are first class. Always there to help out, a shoulder to cry on or a hug, and also to have a laugh, long may Cancer Support Yorkshire continue.