Jan – Volunteer Therapist

My work is so rewarding and I learn so much from the people I support.
Photo of Jan

My story begins quite differently. I have never suffered the trauma of a cancer diagnosis and that was the reason why I wanted to help people who have.

I qualified as an EFT Practitioner in 2007 and in May 2008 I contacted Bradford Cancer Support (as it was known then) to offer my skills as a Voluntary Therapist. I began working with clients on a one to one basis, and continue to do so but my work has expanded and I facilitate a Carers’ Group and a Bereavement Support Group.

Whether one to one therapy is preferred or clients join one of my Groups the aim is to work through whatever emotions have arisen from the trauma of a cancer diagnosis. Group settings are amazing. We experience laughter and sometimes tears but everyone is there for each other, and true friendships have blossomed.

Everyone is different and no one knows how the next person feels but with the gentle skill of EFT emotions can be talked about and smoothed away allowing the client to be able to deal with their situation in a calmer and much more positive way.

My work is so rewarding and although I teach my clients how to return the mind, body and feelings to a state of balance with EFT, I learn so much from them……the true strength and determination of so many amazing people.

My HOPE is for all who step through the door at Cancer Support Yorkshire…..they realise they need never feel alone.