24 Hour Gaming Marathon

We need gamers!

Squad up or play solo!

Register your place for free by clicking here and we’ll contact you to ensure you’re all good to go.

How it works:

  • Go for a 24-hour marathon or do it in big chunks.
  • Stream the skills and madness on Twitch, or live-tweet during your marathon so your supporters can follow you during your challenge.
  • Be sure to let ALL your people know you’re taking on this challenge for a great cause, so they can donate and support you for the hero you are!
  • Set your date in your calendar and create your Facebook fundraiser!


If you need any assistance creating your fundraising challenge,
Contact one of our fundraisers via Email or phone:

E: a.bates@csyorkshire.org.uk
Tel: 07960318791

Good luck!

Together we can help make a difference.