Update on the Services We are Currently Providing

We have the following services running at the moment.

Each therapy/counselling session and group is run by a qualified therapist/clinician and conducted over the internet through secure access using ‘Zoom’ or by group phone call.

If you have not used these methods before do not worry, we will guide you through the process so you can get involved. We are supporting many of our clients successfully in this new way right now.

Our transport service is still running using a recognised local taxi firm. If you need support in getting to an appointment please contact us.

CALL AND BOOK NOW – You can email us on support@csyorkshire.org.uk or call us on 01274 776688 or 07841 328 673. If the phone is busy, please leave a message and one of our staff will get back to you.

For Legal Services – see below for contact information.

WELFARE RIGHTS – Our Welfare Rights team can help you with financial concerns, blue badge application forms and benefit enquiries which you may have.

LEGAL CLINIC – Advice on Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) Book Direct with either Tony Carter 01484 817266 tony@thelegacystudio.co.uk (Mon – Fri) or Rebecca Austin 0113 84500 Rebecca Austin 0113 845000 rebecca.austin@isonharrison.co.uk (Thursday)

TRANSPORT SERVICE – If you need help in getting to a hospital appointment, we can arrange travel for you.

COUNSELLING – We have counsellors who provide this service for anyone effected by cancer. This is an opportunity to talk through your worries and feelings in a safe environment with someone who can help you to look for strategies for dealing with your emotions.

HEALTH and WELLBEING – is a 4-week course covering aspects of how to look after yourself throughout your cancer journey

REIKI HEALING – is an energy technique that can reduce stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation and healing

EFT – a tapping technique that can help promote effective relief from stress, anxiety and symptoms through tapping on certain energy points in the body.

BIG EMOTIONS – This group is for people who are dealing with a new diagnosis of cancer either for themselves or a close friend or relative.

ART FOR WELLBEING – This is using art as a therapy, e.g. though making collages, painting pebbles.

MENS GROUP – A forum for men to express themselves in relation to how cancer has impacted on their life. Include peer support and advice.

ART – This is watercolours and other art. If you are already part of this group and would like your painting that is currently in the centre delivered to you so you can continue with it, please get in touch and let us know.

COLOUR YOUR DREAMS – This group is to support children (aged 5+) through meditation and art to come to terms with the stress of a family member affected by a cancer diagnosis.

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