Are you brave enough to take on the challenge?

Address: Bradford (Head Office), Daisy House Farm, 44 Smith Lane, Bradford, BD9 6DA

Date: Sunday October 17th, 2021

Start time: 18:30  

Register now HERE, or call our fundraising team on 01274 202226.

Participants to arrive at 5:00PM. Training begins at 5:30PM

New safety measures re Coronavirus (Covid19) are in place for this event.

Coronavirus (Covid19) Statement
The safety of participants is paramount, and measures have been implemented by the UK FireWalk Team and CSY to ensure this.

Spectators will not be able to attend however the event will be live-streamed allowing friends and families of the participants to still enjoy the firewalk. The charity would usually benefit from additional fundraising from spectators such as raffles etc. therefore we will be asking for a small donation to access the live stream. We trust you understand.

£15.00 registration fee per person.
Sponsorship required via JustGiving - £100.

Don't worry if you don't manage to raise £100 as it's not always something you can control however, we ask you to try your best by creating and sharing your JustGiving page.

Fire on Apple iOS 13.3

Click the link below for a short video from our event partners UK Firewalk.

Please note: At the time of our event, restrictions may be in place that will not allow spectators.  If this is the case, a live stream will be available to friends and families of participants.