Before you received your cancer diagnosis there was probably lots of things that you hadn’t considered…

  • Illness is always costly, reduced income and increased outgoings mean that juggling your finances has the potential to be quite stressful.  If you are struggling financially there may be help available for you but the range and complexity of the benefit system means that it can be quite difficult to work your way through.  Our WELFARE RIGHTS team are here to help you with the financial and practical issues associated with a cancer diagnosis.

  • Dealing with cancer and the treatments that come with it can be extremely difficult. Our WELLBEING service offers a wide range of support to help overcome these difficulties; whether that’s by reducing stress and tension, relaxing and easing sleeplessness, dealing with hair loss or giving you coping skills to deal with anxiety.  Our complementary therapies, counselling, groups and classes are invaluable as they give you the time you need to find yourself again.

  • If you need to get to the hospital for treatment but are unable to get there we might be able to help with that too.   We are fortunate enough to have a team of volunteer drivers who can TRANSPORT you to cancer related appointments at the hospital if you have no other means of getting there.*

    Other practical issues might be easily resolved with a little bit more knowledge, our INFORMATION team hold a wealth of information that can be extremely helpful.  You might want to know more about a specific cancer and treatment, it could be how to talk to children or you could simply want information about travel insurance for an upcoming break. Whatever you need we are here to help with tailored support that’s right for you.

All of the services that we offer are free to access and completely confidential.  There is no other service quite like it in the local area and we are proud of that fact.  With centres in Bradford & Skipton it is easy to access, simply call 01274 77 66 88 to make a referral or just drop in for a chat.  A cup of tea and a listening ear might be all the support that you need or it could be the first step towards a happier you. 

*Eligibility Applies