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James' Story...

JamesMy name is James but people who know me call me JS, a lifelong nickname which I like. I have been an Information Volunteer with Cancer Support for 9 months. My first involvement was in the Cancer Information Centre in the main entrance to the Bradford Royal Infirmary. To facilitate work to be carried out on a new front entrance the office was closed and I was relocated to the Support Centre on Smith Lane.

I really enjoyed every minute of my time in the Cancer Information Centre; the interaction with all the various people who called into the office was very rewarding. Whether it was help with information about benefits advice or blue badge applications through the dedicated Welfare Rights Team or simply offering information about a specific type of cancer. Sometimes it was just for a chat or on occasions to provide a shoulder of support for someone who had just been diagnosed with cancer and didn’t understand what it was the Doctor was explaining to them. To be able to be part of the process and offer whatever help and advice was needed was a reward in its own right.

I really enjoy every minutes that I help out at the Centre, it’s a team organisation from the Director to the rest of the staff everyone is so friendly and it makes me proud to be a small cog in the mechanics of this great team

Val's Story...

Val PrestonMy name is Val and I am a mobile beauty and holistic therapist working self employed in the Skipton & Airedale locality.  On a Thursday morning I give my experience and free time to volunteer at Cancer Support in Skipton.

Usually my sessions include three appointments and during this time I offer a varied selection of treatments including Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy Facials and Therapeutic Massage.
Initially I do a short consultation with my client to see how they are feeling and follow up on any previous therapy sessions, this is important as present and future treatment effectiveness may depend on the outcome. Clients get six sessions with me and I like to see treatment continuity, however some therapies are not for all so good communication is a must.  At the end of the session I book a future treatment and offer my client refreshment and go through homecare advice.

I volunteer because in recent years I have lost people around me to cancer and I have friends and family still dealing with its after effects.  I understand a good positive approach is needed and the importance of somewhere that people can go for help, advice and outside interaction whilst recovering or receiving treatment.  I think Cancer Support offers this sanctuary, for anyone with concerns the help/company is there.

I truly love my career choice, I have a wealth of experience, dealing with my clients on a daily basis for over twelve years.  I understand the pitfalls of my chosen industry and I also understand how devastating cancer can be to ones physical and mental state. What I get from volunteering is that I hope the confidence of my clients is improved some small way by having the treatments I offer - maybe enough to take the next step forward in their recovery.

Ann's Story...

My name is Ann and I volunteer as a driver to take clients to their hospital appointments. I pick them up from home and ensure that they arrive at the hospital in good time for their appointments, so that they have no hassle worrying about getting there in time. When they are ready to go home I get them home as soon as I can as they are frequently tired and needing a cup of tea.

My typical session involves one day a week when I can guarantee that I will be available for the whole day. I will do other days when I am needed if I can manage it. The hours are usually between 8.30 am and 5.00pm but I am often only needed for part of the day.

I volunteer for Cancer Support because my father in law and a very good friend both had cancer and during their illnesses the family and I had great support. I wanted to do what I could to support cancer services.

I want to emphasise that I get an amazing amount of satisfaction in doing this volunteering. I meet incredibly brave, optimistic, friendly people with whom I form quite close, personal relationships and I have a tremendous respect for my clients who sometimes are going through a very difficult time. It is they who make the volunteering so very rewarding.

Lynn's Story...

Lynn Picture My name is Lynn and I’m a qualified counsellor, offering one-to-one counselling sessions to people with cancer, their carers and people bereaved by cancer.

Every counselling session is different, because everyone is unique, responding in their own way to their own particular circumstances, and so sessions are unique too. But there are some common features: we meet for 50 minutes, every week if possible, to talk about whatever the client wants to discuss (it’s entirely up to each client what to talk about, and it doesn’t have to be about cancer). As a counsellor I try to listen very carefully to what the client is saying, to understand what it’s like for them to be feeling the way they are, and be with them as they work out their own individual ways to deal with what’s going on in their lives.

Cancer Support is a wonderful organisation that aims to support people affected by cancer at what is likely to be one of the most difficult times in their lives. The first time I came to Cancer Support I was struck by a feeling of peace and care here. I volunteer because I want to be part of that and I get the privilege of working with wonderful people in a supportive and caring environment.

John's Story...

John MMy name is John and I am a Volunteer Complementary Therapist at Cancer Support.  I offer a wide range of therapies which include; Reiki, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Hypnotherapy.  I have been working at the centre for a number of years now.

I volunteer for a number of reasons but primarily it is through choice.  Why?  This is a unique opportunity to work alongside people who need help, to give that help and empathy is a wonderful feeling, no cash involved just a genuine heart-warming session between you and your client, just simply giving something back.

The experience I have gained and the results I have achieved cannot be measured.  When a client who is struggling to cope with cancer says ‘Thank You John’ a truly wonderful feeling fills your whole being.

The young, the not so young, people from all walks of life and faiths - you are making a difference and you are touching people’s lives.

Samina's Story...

Samina photoMy name is Samina and I am a Volunteer Complementary Therapist at Cancer Support.  I provide various therapy sessions for clients including; Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

During the therapy sessions I am also able to support clients with their psychological and physical needs.  It is a very rewarding experience and I see it as my way of giving back to the local community.

The clients I see are always so appreciative for the services they receive.  The much needed additional support they can access makes such a big difference when living with a cancer diagnosis.