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Approximately 250,000 people throughout the Yorkshire region are diagnosed with cancer every year (cancer research uk) and with each diagnosis there are so many more friends, family and loved ones who are also affected. 

Here at Cancer Support Yorkshire we hear lots of personal stories – happy ones and sad ones too. One common feeling hidden within each and every story, no matter how big or small, is the feeling of Hope. 

It might be; Hope for a successful recovery, Hope for pain free treatment, Hope for well days or for some people Hope for the people who are left behind.

Phillip's Story

Phillips Hope Campaign Poster Web

I retired when I was 60, due to my contract finishing and I had 3 months off. Thinking this is the life, my wife Janet had other ideas, and she said you have been home long enough it’s time to look for a part time job!!!

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Sonia's Story

Sonias Hope Campaign Poster Web

My name is Sonia Fayyaz and I am the new Community Fundraiser for Cancer Support Yorkshire.  I started my journey with the charity in September 2016, when a mutual friend invited me to do Henna at an Eid celebration event at the centre.

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James' Story

James Hope Campaign Poster Web

My name is James but people who know me call me ‘JS’ a lifelong nickname which I like. I have been a volunteer with Cancer Support Yorkshire for almost 3 years. I originally worked in the Cancer Information Centre at the Bradford Royal Infirmary. Due to construction I was relocated to Cancer Support Yorkshire Head Office at 44 Smith Lane Bradford.

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Cathryn's Story

Cathryns Hope Campaign Poster Web

On the 30th of September 2015 I was given the devastating news that I had breast cancer. Approximately 1 hour after arriving home my husband and I received a phone call from the nursing home where my mother-in-law lived asking us to go as soon as possible because my mother in law had deteriorated dramatically. She passed away later that evening. We hadn’t got our heads around the fact I had cancer so my head was in total turmoil and also now had a funeral to arrange.

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Caroline's Story

Carolines Hope Campaign Poster Web

My name is Caroline Lewis and I am the Events Fundraiser for Cancer Support Yorkshire, I have worked for the charity for 6 years and can safely say that my time here has flown. Every day is different, sometimes challenging but always interesting.

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Ethan's Story

Ethans Hope Campaign Poster Web

I first got involved with Cancer Support Yorkshire through my mum who works there, she got me involved in lots of fundraising activities when I was younger like bucket collections and supermarket bag packs it was lots of fun and opened my eyes to what can happen to people when they get diagnosed with Cancer.

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Jan's Story

Jans Hope Campaign Poster Web

My story begins quite differently. I have never suffered the trauma of a cancer diagnosis and that was the reason why I wanted to help people who have.

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David's Story

Davids Hope Campaign Poster Web

It was the loss of my father, Harold, to cancer in 1991 and my decision to quit smoking - that prompted me to start fundraising for Cancer Support Yorkshire. I have always been keen to help smaller local charities because you know that the money you raise is being used locally.

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Sue's Story

Sues Hope Campaign Poster Web

In November 2014 I was diagnosed with Angina and I was sent for an angiogram on December 1st. I was admitted to Airedale General Hospital until December 23rd where I was transferred to the LGI. This had a huge impact on me as I felt I'd been kidnapped. I had a double heart bypass on December 29th - Christmas that year was definitely different!!!!! It was during my recovery from the surgery that I went into what felt like a black cave, I was given medication but I just couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

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Shelley’s Story

Shellys Hope Campaign Poster Final

Shelley’s world was turned upside down in 2006 when she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, 10 years on she shares her story of Hope….

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Sarah's Story

Sarahs Hope Campaign Poster Final

 When Sarah was first diagnosed with Skin Cancer she was at absolute rock bottom but with help and support from Cancer Support Yorkshire she is starting to feel like herself again...

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Kate's Story

 Kates Hope Campaign Poster Final

When Kate was diagnosed with Cancer for the second time she was determined to do things differently, with a little bit of Hope and some support from Cancer Support Yorkshire she did…

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Andrew's Story

 Andrews Hope Campaign Poster final

Andrew’s cancer journey started with a visit to the dentist, he is now a Patron for Cancer Support Yorkshire and hopes that his story of optimism will inspire others…

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Andy's Story

 Andyss Hope Campaign Poster Final

When Andy’s partner was diagnosed with Cancer he really needed someone to talk to.  Cancer Support Yorkshire was there to help, support and to offer a little bit of Hope…

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